• Stoney Hill Planning Update

    Stoney Hill Planning Update

    A big thanks to all Rathcoole Woodlands Supporters who signed the submission to South Dublin County Council expressing your concern with a recent planning application, SD22A/0347, for phase 1 of a 4 phase development on Stoney Hill Lane. See the submission below: The planning application page can be viewed at this link: https://planning.agileapplications.ie/southdublin/application-details/63031 Thanks too for all the donations received. The Woodlands Group submission can be viewed here: https://planning.southdublin.ie/Home/ViewDocument?fileId=6615633 We will know on the 26th of October what South Dublin County Council‘s decision is.

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  • Stoney Hill Lane Planning Submission

    Stoney Hill Lane Planning Submission

    We had the same concern when the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) was proposed and that is why we put in a submission opposing that development. There was absolutely no consideration of potential impacts on Rathcoole Woodlands nor was it recognised as a priority annex habitat although a submission was made clearly stating it was. When the SHD was approved by An Bord Pleanála, we joined with other concerned Residents Associations and started a judicial review that is ongoing.The 4 phases are adjacent to Rathcoole Woodlands, exactly the same footprint as the approved SHD which is the subject of the judicial…

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  • Rathcoole Woodlands saved but vulnerable

    Rathcoole Woodlands saved but vulnerable

    After 6 years of campaigning the majority of Rathcoole Woodlands is now zoned ‘Rural’ in the 2022-2028 County Development Plan. While Rural zoning has no conservation objective, it does mean only activities in line with permitted land use under Rural zoning are possible.

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