• Submission on School Plan

    Submission on School Plan

    Thanks to all who turned out on Sunday and dropped by yesterday. Rathcoole Woodlands Supporters Submission with 70 signatures was delivered yesterday:- With reference to: SD23A/0336 New primary school (Roll No. 20549P), including 20 classrooms, with a gross floor area of 3,449 sq.m over 3 storeys; The proposed development will also provide a no. multi-purpose hall and all ancillary teacher and pupil facilities; Vehicular, cycle, and pedestrian access to the site is proposed to the north-west of the school, with staff and visitor parking spaces; car and bus drop off and set down facilities and associated set down areas and…

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  • School Planning Application

    School Planning Application

    Dear Supporter of Rathcoole Woodlands We are very concerned with a recent planning application, SD23A/0336, to the rear of Coolamber Drive (https://planning.agileapplications.ie/southdublin/application-details/65330). There is no consideration whatsoever of the potential impacts on Rathcoole Woodlands, or other protected habitats or on the supporting hydrology. These habitats are protected under the EU Habitats Directive and the Environmental Liability Directive. None of the reports with the planning application, assess the impacts from the development. The view is taken that the zone of influence is confined to the site boundary that is the green railings. We want to ensure both good planning and good…

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  • Fourth protected habitat in Rathcoole

    Fourth protected habitat in Rathcoole

    A fourth protected habitat is confirmed for Rathcoole: Hydrophilous Tall Herb Community. The Hydrophilous Tall Herb Community area is small and fragmented. It occurs in pockets within the Woodland with a particular presence noted at the Woodlands northern edge bordering Rathcoole estates where the access road is proposed. The habitat was first noted as a possibility by Wilson and Denyer in their report for South Dublin County Council. Two notes have been written since and the habitat surveyed and confirmed by Hodd in 2023. http://rathcoolewoodlands.org/about-the-woodlands/surveys/ According to Denyer and Hodd (2022), “These wetland habitats are likely to be hydrologically and…

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