Adder’s Tongue Fern – 2nd location in Rathcoole Woodlands

A second location found for a species of note recorded in the Hodd report, Adder’s Tongue fern:

The diminutive fern Adder’s Tongue (Ophioglossum vulgatum; Photo A13) was found on the floor of the wet woodland, with at least 20 spikes growing over a ca. 3 x 3m area. This species has not previously been recorded in this area.
The second location is in a species rich grassland area within the Woodland. Well over 30 spikes. Tough to photograph a spike with all the grasses and other plants not to mention the rain!
It was with great excitement and completely accidental that Annie discovered one plant. We then found quite a lot more! The plants occur over quite an area. What else is there to discover in this wonderful Woodland that keeps on giving.