Three Corner Field and Library

The Plan

One of the components of the South Dublin County Council (SDCC) Draft Master Plan for Rathcoole is the provision of a library (Figure 1). The proposed location for the library is in the Three Corner Field. Currently, the Three Corner Field is managed by the Parks Department of SDCC as part of Rathcoole Park. The Three Corner Field has been in existence since at least 1843 (see 1st Edition 6 inch Maps, 1843).

Land Ownership

However, it is not certain that SDCC own The Three Corner Field. The map provided by the Council indicates that it does not own it (Figure 2).

Evidence for Need

The County Development Plan 2016-20221 appraisal of existing and planned community facility provision does not mention of providing a library in Rathcoole or any of the surrounding villages of Saggart or Newcastle or the newly emerging Citywest. The planned libraries were for Rowlagh and Adamstown. The South Dublin Library Development Plan 2018 – 20222 notes that the Fastest Growing Areas are Saggart-Citywest, Rathcoole, and Tallaght-Springfield. And further that, over the next five years, consideration will be focused on opportunities to expand the library branch network, taking into account suitability and resources available.

At the same Council Meeting, July 8th, 2019 that the draft Master Plan was presented, an item called LIBRARY PROVISION FOR WEST OF COUNTY INITIAL REPORT3 was also presented. This document outlines the evidence to support the provision of a library in Rathcoole. It also states that ‘As part of the consultation process for the Library Development Plan ‘Open to You’ there was a call for the provision of a full-time library service in the Rathcoole area.’ It concludes with ‘it is recommended that the location should be Rathcoole village for the below reasons.

  • Rathcoole is an established South Dublin village that has been, and will continue to be, subject to significant development.
  • The village is best located to both serve the adjacent villages of Saggart and Newcastle, and the surrounding rural hinterland.
  • Rathcoole is home to a cluster of existing and planned schools, both primary and secondary, with large student numbers.
  • The current SDCC development proposal at Rathcoole provides an opportunity to provide the service in conjunction with, and for, both the existing population and the new residents of the village.
  • It will add greatly to network of library services in the County.