What does Appendix 2A mean?

Keep 9.9 ha of Woodland (67%) to be zoned RU zoning Loss of 4.9 ha of Woodland (33%) ....

What does Appendix 2A: Rathcoole Lands Land Use Concept and Zoning Proposals mean for the existing Woodlands in Rathcoole?

Keep 9.9 ha of Woodland (67%) to be zoned RU zoning
Loss of 4.9 ha of Woodland (33%)
Keep 9.9 ha of Priority Annex 1 Habitat 91EO Alluvial Woodland (77%) to be zoned RU zoning
Loss of 2.6 ha of Priority Annex 1 Habitat 91EO Alluvial Woodland (23%)
No further expansion of Woodland from rewilding
Woodland surrounded by RES_N /RES zoning on 3 sides
No continuous green connection with Rathcoole Park nor with the lands to the North, East and West
No Buffer to Protect remaining Woodland evident
Loss of Mosaic of Habitats, No Scrub, No Immature Woodland
The Chief Executive (CE) is recommending 2 NEW Specific Local Objectives (SLOs):
GI7 SLO 2 on the Woodlands:
To ensure the protection and augmentation of the identified alluvial woodlands within the zoning RU, and in recognising their value as green infrastructure and the potential linkages to Lugg Woods and Slade Valley and other amenity areas, provide for sensitive passive amenity uses which have regard to their Annex 1 status.
CS10 SLO 1 to be inserted on the lands adjacent to Rathcoole Park:
Ensure the provision of a primary school, library hub, 2 full sized GAA pitches and 1 junior pitch and associated pavilion, access road and open space is provided in tandem with new residential development.
With new zoning map.
You can find the Chief Executives Report at:
Concept for Rathcoole Masterplan: Appendix 2A Rathcoole Lands Framework Concept and Zoning Proposals
The ecological report: Appendix 2B Rathcoole Lands Ecology Report
What Next?
The Clondalkin Area Committee are receiving a briefing on Rathcoole Woodlands/CSO10 SLO1 after the Area Meeting this Wednesday, 22nd January. If you have any questions on any item regarding Rathcoole Woodlands and the County Development Plan, please send it to your Clondalkin Area Councillors.
There will be Council Meetings at the end February/March. Councillors can submit tightly framed motions on the Chief Executives recommendations or in reference to submissions made to the public consultation for these meetings.
The deadline for Councillor’s to submit motions is Friday, the 24th of January.