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  • Submission on School Plan

    Submission on School Plan

    Thanks to all who turned out on Sunday and dropped by yesterday. Rathcoole Woodlands Supporters Submission with 70 signatures was delivered yesterday:- With reference to: SD23A/0336 New primary school (Roll No. 20549P), including 20 classrooms, with a gross floor area of 3,449 sq.m over 3 storeys; The proposed development will also provide a no. multi-purpose hall and all ancillary teacher and pupil facilities; Vehicular, cycle, and pedestrian access to the site is proposed to the north-west of the school, with staff and visitor parking spaces; car and bus drop off and set down facilities and associated set down areas and…

  • School Planning Application

    School Planning Application

    Dear Supporter of Rathcoole Woodlands We are very concerned with a recent planning application, SD23A/0336, to the rear of Coolamber Drive (https://planning.agileapplications.ie/southdublin/application-details/65330). There is no consideration whatsoever of the potential impacts on Rathcoole Woodlands, or other protected habitats or on the supporting hydrology. These habitats are protected under the EU Habitats Directive and the Environmental Liability Directive. None of the reports with the planning application, assess the impacts from the development. The view is taken that the zone of influence is confined to the site boundary that is the green railings. We want to ensure both good planning and good…

  • Fourth protected habitat in Rathcoole

    Fourth protected habitat in Rathcoole

    A fourth protected habitat is confirmed for Rathcoole: Hydrophilous Tall Herb Community. The Hydrophilous Tall Herb Community area is small and fragmented. It occurs in pockets within the Woodland with a particular presence noted at the Woodlands northern edge bordering Rathcoole estates where the access road is proposed. The habitat was first noted as a possibility by Wilson and Denyer in their report for South Dublin County Council. Two notes have been written since and the habitat surveyed and confirmed by Hodd in 2023. http://rathcoolewoodlands.org/about-the-woodlands/surveys/ According to Denyer and Hodd (2022), “These wetland habitats are likely to be hydrologically and…

  • 3rd Concept – Misconception Part 3

    3rd Concept – Misconception Part 3

    No reduced area for:• Lowland Hay Meadow – incorrect – Not all the Lowland Hay Meadow is indicated. It was not all surveyed for the first and second concept, and certainly seems to be the case for the 3rd Concept, given it is the same area outlined. The Lowland Hay Meadow extends to the Irish Water Pipeline. There will be loss.Now until mid July is the best time to visit the lowland hay meadow. See all the native wildflowers in all their glory.


  • 3rd Concept / Misconception Part 2

    3rd Concept / Misconception Part 2

    No reduced area for:• Immature Woodland – incorrect – The GAA lands has 2 ha of immature Woodlands as well as the 2.4 ha of Alluvial Woodland which is incorrectly labelled Immature Woodland in the presentation.There is also 3 ha of Grassland/ (Woodland) Mosaic which is almost all within the GAA lands and with the alluvial and immature woodland, encircles the grassland within the GAA lands.In effect 5 ha of immature woodland will be lost. Presentation made at Council Meeting, 8th May 2023:https://sdcc.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/772885Headed Item 13 -Update On Land Use & Movement Concept For Lands At Rathcoole Pdf of presentation:http://rathcoolewoodlands.org/…/Rathcoole-Land-Use-and…


  • 3rd Concept / Misconception Part 1

    3rd Concept / Misconception Part 1

    No reduced area for:• Alluvial Woodland (save for Mullaly’s Lane site access) What more needs to be said? How much in area of Alluvial Woodland and number of trees will be lost?Mick Mulhern, Director of Planning, Land Use and Transportation:“…..immature woodland in hatched green…. and to the left of the diagram… alluvial woodland …the intention is there will be no impact on those areas……no reduced area for the ….woodland…..” Pdf of presentation:http://rathcoolewoodlands.org/…/Rathcoole-Land-Use-and…https://sdcc.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/772885


  • Stoney Hill Planning Update

    Stoney Hill Planning Update

    A big thanks to all Rathcoole Woodlands Supporters who signed the submission to South Dublin County Council expressing your concern with a recent planning application, SD22A/0347, for phase 1 of a 4 phase development on Stoney Hill Lane. See the submission below: The planning application page can be viewed at this link: https://planning.agileapplications.ie/southdublin/application-details/63031 Thanks too for all the donations received. The Woodlands Group submission can be viewed here: https://planning.southdublin.ie/Home/ViewDocument?fileId=6615633 We will know on the 26th of October what South Dublin County Council‘s decision is.

  • Stoney Hill Lane Planning Submission

    Stoney Hill Lane Planning Submission

    We had the same concern when the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) was proposed and that is why we put in a submission opposing that development. There was absolutely no consideration of potential impacts on Rathcoole Woodlands nor was it recognised as a priority annex habitat although a submission was made clearly stating it was. When the SHD was approved by An Bord Pleanála, we joined with other concerned Residents Associations and started a judicial review that is ongoing.The 4 phases are adjacent to Rathcoole Woodlands, exactly the same footprint as the approved SHD which is the subject of the judicial…

  • Rathcoole Woodlands saved but vulnerable

    Rathcoole Woodlands saved but vulnerable

    After 6 years of campaigning the majority of Rathcoole Woodlands is now zoned ‘Rural’ in the 2022-2028 County Development Plan. While Rural zoning has no conservation objective, it does mean only activities in line with permitted land use under Rural zoning are possible.


  • The Heritage Hedgerows of Rathcoole Woodlands

    The Heritage Hedgerows of Rathcoole Woodlands

    … and the largest rewilding area in South Dublin. Networks for Nature! Why are hedgerows important?

  • Adder’s Tongue Fern – 2nd location in Rathcoole Woodlands

    Adder’s Tongue Fern – 2nd location in Rathcoole Woodlands

    A second location found for a species of note recorded in the Hodd report, Adder’s Tongue fern:

  • Birds in Rathcoole Woodlands and Rewilding Area

    Birds in Rathcoole Woodlands and Rewilding Area

    In a report done on behalf of South Dublin County Council; Survey Site, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Wintering Bird Report 03 May 2021, JBA Consulting Unpublished, recorded six species of birds of conservation concern in Ireland (BoCCI):• House Sparrow – BoCCI: Amber List – Breeding*• Meadow Pipit – BoCCI: Amber List – Breeding*• Starling – BoCCI: Amber List – Breeding*• Redwing – BoCCI: Red List – Wintering• Black-headed Gull – BoCCI: Amber List – Breeding* & Wintering• Herring Gull – BoCCI: Amber List – Breeding* & Wintering*Only potential breeding status within the siteThey found“specific habitat utilisation by individual species is clearly…

  • Thank You! Well Done! You Stuck with it!
    Submissions are in!

    Thank You! Well Done! You Stuck with it!Submissions are in!

    We appreciate the time you took out to do this.9 of 10 submissions on amendment 2.13 calling for Rathcoole Woodlands and rewilding area to be saved in its entirety. The support of the 7 Fine Gael Councillors was vital to getting amendment 2.13 to the material alterations stage.6 of 8 submissions on amendment 4.19 calling for Rathcoole Woodlands to be protected including submission from local Fine Gael, TD; Deputy Emer Higgins.https://consult.sdublincoco.ie/…/proposed-material…84 submissions, by 61 users, 114 observations, – 18 submissions in support of Rathcoole Woodlands and Rewilding!What Next?Chief Executive’s Report on Consultation issued on May 24th to Councillors for consideration.Councillors…


  • Four Districts Woodland Group 2022 AGM

    Four Districts Woodland Group 2022 AGM

    The Four Districts Woodland Group held their 2022 AGM on Thursday 31st March, 2022. The event was well attended and was a welcomed opportunity to interact in person with supporters and councillors. Members of Rathcoole Community Council, Friends of the Camac, and Clondalkin Area Committee; Francis Timmons (Independent), Shirley O’Hara (Fine Gael) and William Joseph Carey (Sinn Fein) were in attendance. All Clondalkin Area Committee Councillors were invited with apologies from Trevor Gilligan, Peter Kavanagh and Eoin O’Broin who were otherwise engaged. Neville Graver provided our Treasurer’s Report. We have funded 2 reports and are involved in a judicial review.…

  • Enjoy the Rest of the Long Bank Holiday Weekend!

    Enjoy the Rest of the Long Bank Holiday Weekend!

    Take time to Explore Rathcoole Woodlands, the largest known rewilded area in South Dublin.Spring has started. See the spring flora of catkins, primroses, lords and ladies, lesser Celandine, and the all year round of lichen, ferns and mosses. Listen for the bird song.Stay for the calm.Save All the Trees.

  • Save All the Trees

    Save All the Trees

    South Dublin County Council (SDCC) went back to the drawing board. They came to a land arrangement with the Department of Education (Dept. Ed.) and the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA). A new master plan was made. They called it a Concept: appendix-2a-rathcoole-lands-framework-concept-and-zoning-proposals.pdf (sdcc.ie)


  • What does Appendix 2A mean?

    What does Appendix 2A mean?

    Keep 9.9 ha of Woodland (67%) to be zoned RU zoning Loss of 4.9 ha of Woodland (33%) ….


  • Another year is coming to a close. And what a busy year it has been!

    Another year is coming to a close. And what a busy year it has been!

    A BIG THANK YOU to all who support the campaign to Save Rathcoole Woodlands.To everyone who has written an email, made a submission, a donation, bought a calendar or volunteered in any way, thank you. See the outcome of your good work in the Chief Executive’s Report on the Draft Plan Public Consultation. But we are not there yet!The Council have published the Concept (New Master Plan) which underpins the new zoning proposal that will see 80% of the Woodland not targeted for development.We are 80% there! It is a step in the right direction.We are delighted to see that…